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Diet Coke may cause acne

aspertame and acneMany heavy Diet Coke drinkers are reporting that after a week or two of cutting back on the soda their acne improved. Aspertame may be the culprit.

After visiting dozens of online forums the message was the same: “Now, after two weeks of drinking water I’ve gone almost a whole week without acne.”

Another reason that too much Diet Coke or any diet soda for that matter may cause acne is because the individual is not drinking enough water. Water is critical to any healthy skin care diet and without enough water our pores clog, collagen wanes, and our skin will flake. Regardless of how much soda you drink, be sure to consume plenty of water every day.

Research has proven that aspertame can cause things as serious as lupus and brain tumors. Aspertame is a series of chemicals that react in the brain. For most people there is no negative effect, but in many others the reactions can include memory loss, the sensation of a burning tongue, difficulty with weight loss, and other bazaar and deadly conditions. If acne prevention isn’t enough, let the other very serious conditions help you reconsider the amount of diet soda you drink.

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  1. Sean

    I’m curious as to whether aspartame also affects psoriasis. Do you know whether that’s the case or not? Anyhow, this will definitely make me think twice about my Diet Coke addiction.

  2. admin

    I don’t know about a connection between aspertame and psoriasis. But it wouldn’t hurt to journal you symptoms along with your diet to see for yourself.

  3. jules

    I was a diet coke addict. A friend and I were chatting about how poor my skin was. Im 31 and it wasn’t getting any better. I had the skin of a 15 year old. So, tossed around the idea of maybe the aspartame in the diet coke could be causing it. So, I gave up Diet Coke 100% and I have not had a break out since! . I do allow myself to drink 1 of those miniature diet coke cans a day and I am fine. If I have a 12 oz. can my skin shows the difference the next day.

  4. admin


    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Good to know that with just small modifications your skin can improve.

  5. josi

    Oh man. I am a TOTAL diet Coke head. I’ve given it up before in the hopes that my skin would improve….I’m also a hypochondriac as well and all the chemicals scare me….(but not enough to get off the juice)…Good article and site, I’ve added you to my reader!

  6. Carolina

    Hello folks

    After researching a lot about why did I have so much acne I discovered your website, I quit drinking diet Coke (which was my worst addiction) and believe it or not I have no more acne, it disappeared I am so blessed thank you guy for your support and information.

  7. bern

    gave up my daily can of diet coke about a month ago, and it has made a big difference to my skin.

  8. Max

    “…and other bazaar and deadly conditions?” You mean conditions like an open-air marketplace? Wow. That’s bizarre. Looks like you have to work on your grammar and your skin.

  9. Coke Chugger

    This article is a joke. To say heavy consumers of Diet Coke dont get enough water is like saying heavy consumers of Gatorade don’t get enough water, except Gatorade has less water than Diet Coke. Sounds like a marketing ploy to sell someone’s diet idea. Cite your research. Research has also shown orange juice causes brain tumors.

  10. ttch

    I don’t know if aspartame affects acne but you should know that drinking two or more colas a day — diet or regular — doubles your risk of chronic kidney disease. The phosphoric acid in colas is a major suspect as it tends to pull calcium from the bones. See, e.g., this New York Times story:


    Non-cola carbonated drinks did not increase the risk.

  11. rt


    I have had really nasty psoriasis for years. Up until 10 days ago I drank 7 – 10 cans of Diet Coke every day.

    I gave up the DC because I was trying to lose weight and was certain that something in my diet was having a serious negative affect on weight loss. There literally was nothing other than the DC that could have been causing it, however unlikely.

    I stopped drinking the DC and started drinking water (yep, it’s horrible but this was just a 7 day trial to prove there was nothing wrong with the coke)

    I can’t comment on the weight loss yet although it seems to have improved. What I was not expecting at all was that my psoriasis has almost gone completly. It hasn’t been this good for years.

    I was having a google tonight to see if anyone else had connected Diet Coke to psoriasis.

    Believe me, dont’ believe me. It doesn’t really matter.

    If you have psoriasis bad enough and you drink a lot of Diet Coke you must give it a go and see if it makes a difference.

    We’re all different – maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. If it does make a difference it might be nice to update this post. I’m very interested if other people have the same experince as me.

    • loubi_lover

      I was looking for a healthier way of life and started watching some quality documentaries regarding whole foods and eliminating processed and unhealthy things from my diet. I started with eliminating Diet Coke. I have struggled with psoriasis for years. I quit DC nine days ago. OMG, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at my skin and the psoriasis that was going away. I put two and two together. I decided to google this and see if there is some association and that’s is how I found this forum. Aspartame is deadly! It was real hard to give up at first but now it is a breeze. I am definitely drinking more water.

  12. Dayan

    I have stopped drinking Coke Zero for almost 10 days, I used to drink anywhere up to a litre a day. It made my skin break out unbelievably. But I would like to know the actual mechanism of action, I can see a difference in my skin. But I had to have very painful extractions to remove the deep congestion.

    I would suggest, from a nutritional perspective, 30,000 – 40,000 IU of Vitamin A to help with wound healing, prevent the pores from over producing sebum and prevent the spread of bacteria.

    A great mask for the face which gives incredible results is Aspirin mask, crush up 5 tablets, mix it with water or lemon juice (enough to make it into a paste), leave on affected areas for atleast 20 minutes. It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. You can not believe the results. $2 compared to hundreds to fix skin… you be the judge!!!!

  13. Lauren

    I am 30 and have suffered from acne all my life. I also consumed a 2 liter of Diet Coke a day for most of my thirty years. I gave up the DC and my acne has improved at least 90%. I did replace it with water, however, I have noticed that if I drink even one can of DC, I will experience a small breakout within the next few days. I had tried everything from every over-the-counter product to even accutane and nothing worked. I am now a firm believer that your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body! If you suffer from acne (and I know how emotionally painful it is), try changing to a healthier diet and give up the DC. Your skin will clear up!

  14. Bill

    I have had a breakout due to herpes. After it healed it left discolored skin (lighter) in its place. Is there anyway to get the skin back to its normal color? Ive also noticed that skin, down there, takes longer to heal than other skin. Why?

  15. IndyMichael

    I have definitely connected aspartame to my migraines and found that limiting my use to a couple a day or less. I was just wondering if it also could be connected to my psoriasis. Having dug around a bit online I came across this thread and decided to reply. I am going to try going completely aspartame free for a week and see if it helps. I’ll let y’all know the results. I’m excited!

  16. Andrea

    Great article. Thanks. I’ve struggled with cystic acne my entire adult life (I’m 30). I don’t eat processed foods, drink plenty of water, drink fresh veggie juice daily, eat no sugar, etc. and STILL struggle! Never thought that my Diet Coke addiction could be hindering my skin clearing efforts. Will give this a go…

  17. Debby

    I had to quit drinking diet cokes because of my kidneys. I stayed off of them for quite a while drinking water only. I did have one maybe a month. My skin was really bad. It cleared up. My bad, started drinking them again after a doctor visit where my kidney function was better, suddenly I started noticing really bad breakouts. Could not for my life figure out what I was doing different. Then it hit me, I had started drinking cokes again. Well, today I quit once again.

  18. IndyMichael

    I have been completely diet coke and aspartame free for over 6 mos now…not that hard to quit, but did notice some real cravings that went away quickly. I also drink much more water now which is a positive. I drink some Stevie products like vitamin water zero and they have no neg affects. My migraines are def better and my psoraisis is much more maneagable. I don’t go to the light box at all anymore and simply treat my symptoms with 2x/week clobetasol/steroid cream and it’s 95% clear. Bottom line I feel a lot better! Thanks for the posts everyone!

  19. Carolina

    I believe that Diet Coke caused a lot pf my acne problems, and now that I dont drink it anymore I can see and feel the difference, I have been trying a soda that they have at Whole Foods, is called Zevia, is really good and it does not have aspartame, at least that helps when you are craving a soda :)

  20. Kimberlee

    I have been off of DC and any artificial sweetened products for about 3 weeks now and I feel 100% better! Aspartame, Splenda…all of those sweeteners are horrible for you. A blog written by a doctor in UT goes over the history of these sweeteners and their potential side effects including respiratory failure and increased seizures! Frightening…my mother has FMS and asthma and I finally am convincing her to give up her diet sodas.

  21. Ryan

    Just curious if Diet Mt. Dew has the same effect? Never really drank a whole lot of soda except in the past year. I used to get the occasional pimple here and there. Now it seems there are more frequent and from what I’ve researched on the internet they are “cystic pimples”. Let me just say they are really painful and nasty looking.

  22. IndyMichael

    Ryan, I believe it’s all about the aspartame…FYI, I am 99% psoriasis free now! I NEVER thought this would happen. The final thing that helped me clear up was stopping Ambien and Vicodin use. I will be aspartame free for 1 yr in the summer. I eat mostly healthy, organic and not a lot of animal products. I am also migraine free since stopping the aspartame.

    It’s all about the body not being able to process the chemicals. The skin is the largest digestive organ in a way and mine was trying to tell me to take better care of myself by what I put in my body.

    Anyways, this is a cool list and has helped me learn, share and process as this has happened. Thanks everyone, and keep up the posts!


  23. Marianne

    I was having horrible breakouts on my face – more and more zits every day, couldn’t believe it. I tried to think what I had changed over the last few weeks, and realized I’d been drinking at least one can of diet soda every day. I stopped. Immediately no more new zits, and most of the existing zits went away. I’m having to draw out the gunk with Prid’s on a few of them but the difference is unbelievable – it’s like different skin. Diet soda can absolutely cause acne in some people, because it was absolutely the cause for me.

  24. Leah Rust

    I’ve always known diet coke was bad for my skin but I could never give it up. Soda is my coffee. But I got fed up with my acne and read this the other day and it gave me motivation to stop drinking it. This is day 4 of no soda and just this morning I noticed a change in my face…less oily, smooth, acne going away. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a month :) Also, I am feeling so much better now that I’m drinking lots of water. FEELS GREAT!!!!

  25. holly

    I was an avid diet coke drinker up until about 5 months ago. I quit cold turkey because I knew it was just so bad for me. I was drinking about 4-5 cans per day, maybe more some days even. I just really really love it. A side effect I didn’t expect was my skin improving. I noticed a significant change with in a few weeks and for sure after 4-6 weeks. I have to think it was eliminating the abundance of aspartame and the other chemicals in the soda. I didn’t change much else. I also moisturize really well at night with a cream which seems to definitely help, too. I don’t feel like I have to wear makeup now when I leave the house so it’s a really great change! I haven’t had one single can of Diet Coke since the day I quit. It’s not always easy but totally worth it. I realized I love the bubbles so sparking water, the bubblier the better, does the trick for me now!


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