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Eye make-up for ocular rosacea

Sufferers of ocular rosacea often have a hard time finding eye make-up that does not irritate the eyes and skin. For many people eye make-up just isn’t an option. Here are a few suggestions for eye make-up that may work for you. Before applying any products to your eyes, put a bit of the product on your finger and hold it close to your eye. If your eyes are irritated just from that little bit of exposure then you know it’s not right for you.

Concealer for Ocular Rosacea: It’s easy to find a concealer that will cover, but finding a concealer that won’t agitate your ocular rosacea is a little tougher. SkinStore.com recommends Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Concealer.

Eye Shadow: Mineral make-up like Stila Eye Shadow is great for those with ocular rosacea. Mineral make-up is a good option because its all natural, free of preservatives, and has sun blocking properties. With just a little bit of mineral make-up you can create either a soft or dramatic affect to your skin.

Mascara: First off, don’t choose a mascara that boasts thickening or lengthening of your lashes. The ingredients in those products will definitely hurt your eyes as will those with any kind of fragrance or form fillers. After that it’s just a matter of testing a few mascaras designed for sensitive eyes. I recommend Colorescience Mascara – Cry Me A River.

11 Responses to “Eye make-up for ocular rosacea”

  1. paula kephart

    Have recently been diagnosed with this condition and would appreciate any feedback about it. It began about 6 mos after I hsd Lasik Monovision done. I have suffered for almost a year. but went to large eye institute where it was diagnosed. My eyes are about to drive me nuts. Thanks for any info. Sincerely, Paula Kephart

    • Sara

      Sorry Paula, that’s not great news. I’m working on a rosacea wellness guide and will send it to you when I’m done. In the meantime, be careful with your products. Nothing but sensitive skin products — even on your lips, hands … everywhere!

  2. Joanne Faulkner

    I found that keeping a detailed diary of my rosacea flare ups helped a great deal. I was able to identify exactly what my rosacea triggers were. Speaking to other sufferers I found that one persons trigger may not be another persons. For instance alcohol has no effect on me at all (other than the obvious!) but my friend has terrible problems. Also, I found that if I just can’t do without something that is one of my rosacea triggers (chocolate!!!) then taking an anti-histamine before indulging helps reduce the severity.

  3. Tara

    I was recently diagnosed with ocular rosacea. I still to this day have not found eye makeup that I can wear. I was excited to see some product recommendations. I plan on trying them ASAP. Please post more info about this topic.

  4. heather y

    Darphin eye makeup is the only product that won’t irritate the rosacea. I have this condition as well and went one year without makeup because everything bothered me. I have been using Darphin for about 5 years now with zero problem. When everything bothered me! Darphin is a Paris based company – Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas carries the full line, but you have to call them – they don’t offer them online. I would recommend starting with the mascara, and then moving to the shadows and liners next. It’s great stuff and you can even find it on ebay! Good luck to you all – this condition stinks – but this makeup is very good!

  5. Tara

    Thank you for the advice Heather. I tried what skinstore recommended above with no luck. I had to return the products. I am anxious to try Darphin.

  6. Tara

    I called Darphin to ask about their makeup and they said that they have discontinued it :(

  7. heather y

    I called today and they said the same thing. They said to purchase makeup that is left over, to call this number: 1(800)216-7173.
    Ebay also has some of their eye shadows. Has anyone tried the recommendations above? I am now in need of a pencil liner . . . why would Darphin stop producting such a great product!! Argh – sorry guys. If I find another product, I will let you know!

  8. anonymous

    I have had or for nearly 3 years now and I can no longer wear any eye make up. I don’t miss it anymore except for mascara, which is all I wore mostly anyway. I was always sensitive to any eye make up before the diagnosis. If I could find a mascara I could tolerate I would still wear that sometimes.

  9. Tara

    I have finally found a mascara that seems to be working for me. It is clinique lash power. The removing part of it is so easy…warm water. No messing with makeup remover and pads which usually irritates my eyes.


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