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Fight Melasma From the Inside Out

Article Three of Three in Series on Fighting Melasma

Like many skin conditions, melasma skin care treatment is not entirely composed of topical cleansers, gels, and moisturizers. For instance, melasma can be treated most effectively by catering to your internal needs like your diet. There is no quick way to eliminate melasma entirely, whether you choose to treat it externally, internally, or both. Instead, you’ll slowly improve your current skin fitness and prevent future problems.
Skin fitness: Keep a healthy diet
A folate deficiency could be related to melasma, some studies show. Women on birth control pills and pregnant women often have low levels of folic acid. Eating foods high in folic acid (like nuts, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, and whole-grain foods) and taking a folic acid supplement will counteract the deficiency.
Too much copper in your diet could lead to melasma. Most of us don’t reach the recommended daily allowance of two milligrams of copper even though it is available in many different foods. If by the off chance you have too much, it could lead to melasma because copper can aid skin cells in producing melanin. To counteract this result, take a vitamin C and iron supplement.
The sun and pollutants are harmful environmental elements-or free radicals-that antioxidants will help your body fight off. Obviously the sun and environment can be damaging so antioxidants are essential in fighting melasma. They also help your skin cells heal. Vitamins C and E are the most common antioxidants and are found in many topical skin care products. They can also be consumed through supplements and in foods like citrus fruits, nuts, and fish.
Detoxify for melasma free skin
Skin discoloration, as stated by many eastern medicine philosophies, is a result of impurities in the liver. Many dermatologists and estheticians in the west have caught on to this notion and now recommend an occasional detox, or cleanse as it is commonly called, for melasma-clear skin.
If done properly, a cleanse will flush toxins that build up over time in the body. These toxins that build up in the liver come from inefficiencies in the body, the environment, and food and drink. They are often noticeable because of the skin’s texture and tone.
There are several recommended detoxifying supplements, soaks, and diets, which include the likes of salts, sulfer, acidophilus, and milk thistle. Be sure to research the product closely and ask your doctor if it has any harmful implications, whatever you choose to try.
Diet and detox are just two of the factors in fighting melasma. More melasma removal information is discussed in the first and second articles of the Fighting Melasma series.

4 Responses to “Fight Melasma From the Inside Out”

  1. Lauren

    I have just started with Melasma and I have a big dark brown patch on my lower spine and woke up with what looked like a moustache, i find it very distressing as dermatologist and doctors don’t seem to help much this website has been great.

  2. Erin

    This site has been so helpful in helping me to understand my melasma I have on my upper lip. It makes me feel so sensitive about how I look. I have recently been experimenting because I believe I have some food sensitivities and therefore other issues to go along with that. Thank you for all of this helpful information, I’m looking forward to fighting this and winning!!!!

  3. Martha

    I have suffered from serious melasma on my face. Darkened patches on my cheeks, upper lip, chin and a rectangular patch on my forehead. I had given up on figuring out how to get rid of it and by chance I found that the cause of the melasma was copper toxicity from my IUD. When I had my IUD removed after the 10 year use period, the melasma started to fade. I started researching and found that it must be the copper, so I started taking more zinc and multivitamins with no copper in them. I am happy to report that in less than a year the melasma is gone! I have no doubt that it was excess copper that caused my melasma. I hope that this information is useful to someone trying to figure it all out. :)

    • JANE

      thanks for sharing. I had my copper IUD removed yesterday coz of the same problem. thanks for the hope that my face will clear.


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